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Fixing Leaks

Leakage can happen in the treatment and transportation of our water, and in the appliances we use. From water lost naturally by evaporation from our water storage reservoirs, to bursts in underground pipes, dripping taps and leaking toilets.

With water companies under pressure do more to find and fix leaks, in Essex our four water supply companies all have plans for leakage within their Water Resources Management Plans. Overall, our water companies are planning to reduce leakage in Essex by the equivalent of 107Ml/d down to 56.6Ml/d by 2050. They must meet the targets set out by Ofwat and in the Environment Act or face penalties. Under new plans, the funding generated from water company fines will also be ring-fenced and will go directly back to environmental and water quality improvements projects via Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Fixing Leaks - Water Draining

Case Study:
Leaky Loos

On average, a leaky loo wastes between 215 and 400 litres of clean drinking water every day and is equivalent to having a couple of extra people in the home using water (WaterWise - Leaky Loo Position Statement). That’s up to an average of an extra £246 a year.