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Public Water Supply

We currently have four water supply companies serving different parts of Essex: Essex and Suffolk Water, Affinity Water, Anglian Water and Thames Water. After water companies abstract the water they need, they filter and treat it at water treatment works to strict regulatory standards before being put into supply. If you’re not sure who your water supplier is, find out here (Water UK).

All our water companies have responsibility for creating Water Resources Management Plans (WRMPs), which factor in the challenges of climate change, economic growth, housing development and the risk of drought. The WRMPs provide a forward plan of investment over the next 25 years to make sure there will be sufficient water supplies to meet the projected demand. WRMPs are updated every five years.

Water companies cover huge areas and split them into smaller 'Water Resource Zones' to plan for. The images below show our water companies, and their water resource zones that cover Essex, along with how many people they supply within the county.

Water Companies Boundaries
Number of households by Water Supply Company graph

You can read the Water Resource Management Plans for your area by using these links:

Ariel sewage treatment works