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Water at Work

The Waterwise UK Water Efficiency Strategy explains that the largest water efficiency savings can be possible in existing non-household organisations such as schools, hospitals, shops, and factories. Being water efficient means understanding water needs, using as little as possible and avoiding any water waste. Tackling leakage, installing smart metres and water saving appliances are steps towards water efficiency.

Following around 13,000 business visits, Thames Water found a potential water use reduction ranging from 5-30% could be made with low or no cost interventions.

Within the government’s Plan for Water there is a target to reduce non-household (for example, business) water use by 9% by 31st March 2038. There is also a commitment to work with Ofwat to ensure the water industry can play a central role in retrofitting water efficient products in households, businesses, charities, and the public sector. Each water company ‘Business Plan’ discusses how they will support businesses, and more details around implementation of any initiative will be available soon.

You can use the Thames Water Business Water Saving Calculator to find out how much you could save and compare your water efficiency with other businesses in your sector. And saving water can help save on energy bills too. Businesses are also able to switch their water retailer and can use the Open Water website for further advice.

Most water companies also have educational resources, such as Essex and Suffolk Water The Ripple Effect and the Anglian Water schools resource also include bookable classroom lessons.